Heers wut ya git!

Pull up a seat and read a little. If you are from WV you are probably like me and have never learned to read so get someone to read it to you. I'm Skully, my friend Mike listens to me and translates my words from Hickglish to English. He is familiar with the ways of folks from other areas, and can communicate readily with the general populace.
(Fetch ya a char an lisen ta wuts heer. If’n yer frum West Verginua yu r proly lak me an ain’t had no reedin ejukashun so git sumbudy to reed it to ya. I’m Skully, ma frend Mak lisens ta mee an translates ma werds frum normul to wut them thar hi falootin peepole talks. He nows how to talk to outciders an can speek thar langwige.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

WV Hunting Season 2008

It is that time again, thank God!
I've been waiting for years, it seems.
I did not go fishing like I said I would, not that fishing is bad or boring...it just isn't hunting.
In the early morning there were the standard concerts...the crows were in top form in their role as forestal alarm clocks...awakening all the forrest life.
I watched two young does for about 10 minutes or so then there was an hour or so of quiet.
A young doe came crashing down the hill; I thought I would have my first bow kill but, she bolted as soon as I came to full draw. This will be the norm as usual.

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