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Pull up a seat and read a little. If you are from WV you are probably like me and have never learned to read so get someone to read it to you. I'm Skully, my friend Mike listens to me and translates my words from Hickglish to English. He is familiar with the ways of folks from other areas, and can communicate readily with the general populace.
(Fetch ya a char an lisen ta wuts heer. If’n yer frum West Verginua yu r proly lak me an ain’t had no reedin ejukashun so git sumbudy to reed it to ya. I’m Skully, ma frend Mak lisens ta mee an translates ma werds frum normul to wut them thar hi falootin peepole talks. He nows how to talk to outciders an can speek thar langwige.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

First day in the woods

Almost a whole year, damn!

Tomorrow is the last day of a special bow hunting season in WV and I'll be there!
I'm excited as a kid at Christmas to get to be back in the woods a little early this year.

The WV DNR decided that the Whitetail kill needs to be a little bigger this year and added 1 week of bow and one week (next week) of muzzleloader season for either deer gender.

It is a little warm for my taste; the weatherman says it will be 55 - 60 in the morning and get nearly 80 for the day so, I'll probably only hunt the morning and will still hunt for the first hour or so while heading to my stand.

I've got all my gear ready and have practiced with my bow at least every 2 to 3 weeks since March. I shot 12 yesterday and will do the same this evening.

Good luck to all hunters this year; I think it will be a good one.

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