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Pull up a seat and read a little. If you are from WV you are probably like me and have never learned to read so get someone to read it to you. I'm Skully, my friend Mike listens to me and translates my words from Hickglish to English. He is familiar with the ways of folks from other areas, and can communicate readily with the general populace.
(Fetch ya a char an lisen ta wuts heer. If’n yer frum West Verginua yu r proly lak me an ain’t had no reedin ejukashun so git sumbudy to reed it to ya. I’m Skully, ma frend Mak lisens ta mee an translates ma werds frum normul to wut them thar hi falootin peepole talks. He nows how to talk to outciders an can speek thar langwige.)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's make a pipe!

OK, here we go into the vast unknown.

I have several sticks of wood, various species that I use in the smoker to make what I think are culinary delights. Apple, peach, hickory, plum, and several others.

My recent switch from cigarettes to pipes has kicked my woodworker mentality into gear. I have a decent amature woodshop and can make basic cabinets, shelves, boxes, picture frames and the like. I've also done some carving and made walnut grips for my Grandfathers old .38 pistol.

So I have decided to make a pipe!

I'll document the process here so that if it is great, others can follow my brilliance. And if it is crap others can learn from my mistakes.

I made what I think is proper for a blank for the bowl from a piece of the Plum that seemed solid. This is a cut from a tree that we took down at the vineyard last year, it seems to have cured enough for an experiment. I have however taken several samples along with some persimmon and apple and stashed them away; just in case I am successful in this endeavor.

I've not done any research on this; I'd like to just have at it and see what happens.

I think this will be a large bowl, not very deep with a slight bend where the stem meets the bowl.

The pictures are not very good; the wood is very nice with beautiful grain. The wood also smokes one hell of a pork tenderloin that has been marinated in olive oil and rosemary for a day or two!

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