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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Out with Cigarettes, in with Pipes!!

I've smoked cigarettes since I was 12 and have finally quit. All along the way, starting in the experimentation stages of youth have been the pipes. There are three that I have had since I was 15 or 16.

The trio were purchased in the late 70's so that I could be "cool" in the musician crowd. I wasn't
the guitar God that I wanted to be but I did have vocal skills that made me "wanted" by bands. That was long ago. All Dr. Grabows, left is a Duke, center is a Starfire (a very cool smoke) and the right is a Regal.

After 30 years I've found that total selfish enjoyment is the key to a happy life.

I have recently returned to the pipes and am glad that I have. I've also found a Usenet newsgroup with plenty of helpful info. For instance I always thought that the inexpensive tobaccos were crap and you had to pay at least $5 per ounce to get anything good.

"Ignorance" is such an underrated word, and misunderstood. Two of the staple brands in the pipe smoking world are Prince Albert and Carter Hall. In the late 70's we would have never thought to purchase these in our high and mighty circles. They are perfect and have been available for so long because of this I imagine.

Anyway, I got a new pipe today. It is the first one I have purchased since those days long ago.

It seems to be a decent pipe. I smoked some Carter Hall lightly packed for the first "go-round". It did fine. The Bit seems to be cheap and that is not saying much for someone who has never smoked anything other than a Dr. Grabow. I was pleased with the pipe though; it seems that the larger bowl produces a cooler smoke just like the Grabow "Starfire". It is marked "Italy" on one side and "H.I.S" on the other. I got it at a "Smoker Friendly" shop for $11.99 along with a $10.00 pack of Macanudos. I was also able to pick up 24 nice practice golf balls for 9.99 and some tees next door to the "SF" shop. Altogether a great day.

I've been advised to go for several brands of pipes by my new friends in the Usenet group. I had never heard of "Estate" pipes, or purchasing used pipes but it does make sense. There are some nice pipes that are not done yet, like used cars or something.

All in all I am pleased with my cigarette replacements!

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