Heers wut ya git!

Pull up a seat and read a little. If you are from WV you are probably like me and have never learned to read so get someone to read it to you. I'm Skully, my friend Mike listens to me and translates my words from Hickglish to English. He is familiar with the ways of folks from other areas, and can communicate readily with the general populace.
(Fetch ya a char an lisen ta wuts heer. If’n yer frum West Verginua yu r proly lak me an ain’t had no reedin ejukashun so git sumbudy to reed it to ya. I’m Skully, ma frend Mak lisens ta mee an translates ma werds frum normul to wut them thar hi falootin peepole talks. He nows how to talk to outciders an can speek thar langwige.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beer then!

Beer then!

I have recently been trying every beer that is available. My wife and I briefly discussed the financial aspects of the venture and decided that there are many people spending anywhere from $1.50 to $5.00 for a single beer in bars, and that $10.00 was OK for a 4 pack of something adventurous!

We've been doing this for several years with wine, and have found that Cinnibar Mercury Rising is about as good as it gets (red) for under $25.00, and that anything more expensive is not any better except for port wines, but that is another topic.

Lately I have been trying all beers at "cellar" temperature that is around 55 to 65 degrees. Samuel Smith is an English brewery that is not bad at all. Also the Texas based Shiner Brewery has some impressive beers. The "101" and the dark lager are very nice. One that was really impressive was Sarnac Imperial Stout, it was incredible at $8.xx for a 6 pack. Super dark, thick and chocolaty without being too sweet. Very nice. Oh, for those who drink for effect, it is 9.2%.

As for commercially produced conveinence store beers; Michelob Lager, as it is labled, is a little bolder than Budweiser and the like.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ronnie James Dio

I was fortunate enough to see Rainbow live. Stargazer and Catch the Rainbow were the two that really inspired. In those two songs time and space were transcended. Dio and Blackmore shone like the sun and beyond.

A friend of my current drummer had the great opportunity to be seated next to Dio on a flight, to or from Texas, I'm not sure. Dio was on his way to pick up his Mother as he and his wife personally took care of her. No nursing homes or hired caretakers, etc when he was not working. That says a great deal about a person.

My drummer's friend said that Dio was a regular guy and very kind. Dio seemed genuinely interested in the guys thoughts and conversation. Some entertainers say they love their fans, Dio really did.

Just like Hendrix, Zappa, Elvis, Janis and others that have deeply touched so many lives with not only their talents, but with their very essence; Ronnie James Dio will, in fact live on forever.